Welding services

Welding design or fabrication questions and issues that cause concerns related to weld quality can come to light when least expected. The welding process can significantly affect the welding quality if done incorrectly or by someone not qualified to do the welding. The welding process from start to finish can often determine the success or the failure of weldments. Therefore, having a company with experienced welding inspectors and consultants available to provide you with the answers and solutions is essential to avoid any welding mishaps and ensure the best welding quality. After all, one welding error can cost millions of dollars!

“We Specialize in Welder Testing and Weld Integrity”

Work with Experienced Professionals

At Precision, our certified and trained welding engineers and inspectors assist you in establishing welding procedures and welder qualifications. Our certified welding inspectors ensure processes match the engineering, welding, and testing standards. Our experienced welding engineers and inspectors have a vast knowledge of welding processes and regulations. They are also trained in engineering and metallurgy, allowing them to inspect and advise on your procedure accurately. With Precision, be assured that caring for safety is the driving force behind our work.

Precision establishes and specifies welding requirements, answers technical welding questions, and advises designers, engineers, fabrication, and quality personnel on welding matters. Costly mistakes are avoided by ensuring weldments are suitable for the intended purpose during the design, procurement, and fabrication phase.

Some examples of how we help our clients:

  • Prepare and review Welding Procedure and Weld Repair Procedure Qualifications.
  • Verify compliance with applicable codes, standards, specifications, or client requirements
  • Consultation on material selection
  • Consultation on potential welding metallurgical issues
  • Provide advice on the selection of welding consumables
  • Coordinate tests to validate welding and weld repair procedures
  • Ensure that welding procedure development, testing, and documentation are all correctly completed and meet all contractual requirements
  • Develop WPS and ensure proper execution of WPS
  • Verify WPQRs
  • Provide Quality Assurance on the final product and compliant with relevant codes and standards

The benefits we bring:

  • Prevent common welding errors that affect welding quality, productivity, costs, and safety.
  • Provide solutions to problems or provide that independent feedback when required.
  • Remove the cost and commitment of hiring full-time welding support staff with the knowledge and practical experience required to ensure the success of your welding project.
  • Improve welding process and technical ability.
  • Provide professional insight and recommendations concerning applicable codes and standards
  • Identify the most effective weld process for producing sound weldments.

Precision NDT reliably centers around the individual necessities of our customers. We have both methods and abilities expected to offer exact, customized arrangements of different scales.

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