Corrosion Engineering

The integrity and condition of the equipment are imperative for safe and reliable operations. Many facilities across various industries are exposed to harsh environments and corrosive fluids, making effective corrosion management crucial.
Our Corrosion Engineering capabilities help clients monitor and manage their facilities’ corrosion, helping to minimize capital expenditures and recurring equipment replacement costs through early identification of corrosion damage and implementing practical corrosion control activities.
External corrosion storage tank
Precision offers a range of Corrosion Engineering services that help maintain and assure the integrity of your asset. We develop site-specific, integrated corrosion management strategies to help manage and prevent corrosion, ensuring the integrity and longevity of equipment. We also provide the competence and experience to conduct corrosion assessments, providing a solid basis for risk-based inspection programs providing a more holistic approach to managing corrosion.
We help our clients by providing experts to help manage corrosion. Below are examples of our capabilities:
  • Corrosion Management Strategy Development
  • Corrosion Monitoring and Management Services
  • Corrosion studies and consulting, including corrosion control documents (CCDs)
  • Damage mechanism reviews (DMRs)
  • Integrity operating window (IOW) solutions
  • Failure Analysis and Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  • Material Suitability and Selection Consulting
  • Project Management and Contractor Management
  • Cathodic Protection Design, Reviews, and Testing/Surveys
  • Coating inspection and consulting
  • Fabric Maintenance Management
  • Probes and Coupon Management and analysis
  • Corrosion Awareness Training
  • Corrosion Management System Audits and Gap Assessments
Our corrosion engineering team can provide expertise to investigate and resolve corrosion-related issues wherever they arise.
Please contact us to learn more about how we can support your operations.

Precision NDT reliably centers around the individual necessities of our customers. We have both methods and abilities expected to offer exact, customized arrangements of different scales.

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