NDT – Courses & Inspection Training

At Precision NDT, we offer courses and inspection training. These training courses can be beneficial for managers, engineers, auditors, supervisors, and other personnel. Our  industry professional instructors will provide a comprehensive introduction to the technology of nondestructive testing. Our courses offer an overview of the most commonly used industry standard methods while covering the advantages and dis-advantages of the different inspection methods. 


Intro to NDT$1242Register
Eddy Current Level I$1242Register
Eddy Current Level II$1242Register
Magnetic Particle Testing Level I $1242Register
Magnetic Particle Testing Level II$1242Register
Penetrant Testing Level I & II$621Register
Radiographic Testing Level I$1242Register
Radiographic Film Interpretation $1242Register
Radiographic Testing Level II$1242Register
Ultrasonic Testing Level I$1242Register
Ultrasonic Testing Level II$1242Register
Visual I & II$1242Register
Magnetic Particle, Visual, Penetrant Testing Refresher Level III$1242Register
40 Hour Radiation Safety$1242Register
Basic Corrosion $1242Register
Basic Level III Refresher$1449Register
Intro to Industrial Coatings/ Inspections$1242Register
Phased Array ( UT ) Level I$1242Register
Phased Array ( UT ) Level II$1242Register
CWI (Certified Weld Inspector)$1449Register
Magnetic Flux Leakage Level I$1242Register
Magnetic Flux Leakage Level II$1242Register
AWI, CWI Exam Prep$1242Register
API Exam Prep 653,570,577$1242Register
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